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Welcome to CreditCardFundraiser.com!

CreditCardFundraiser.com, DBA for Proxi Independent Group, LLC, and Partners with DBA CreditCardBroker.com would like to introduce you to a program that can help your organization earn more money for your great cause!

Do you work for A Non Profit?  A School? A House of Worship?If you are, we are sure you are always looking for new ways to raise funds for your organization.  Welcome to CreditCardFundraiser.com! Are you part of an organization, and do you have certain financial goals in mind for a great cause? Do you have certain fundraising plans in place but they take ALOT of your time, and you still have not met your goals.  Or ever worse, your organization is struggling financially and at risk of shutting down.  We have a solution for you.

In a Nutshell, What is this program?

We will give you access to a credit card affinity program to market, directly linked with your Non Profit, School, or Religious Organization.  You, as an organization can make this credit card application available to your organization members, friends, and family.  Once approved, they can choose to connect your Organization to the rewards program. Contact us today to get started:  973-220-5801

What does that do for your Organization?

Your organization can earn 1% cash back as the credit card user uses their credit card. If the credit card users continually use their credit cards as they normally would day to day, your organization will continually receive new donations from the 1% cash back reward feature on this credit card!


The organization benefits from ongoing donations without any effort and the credit card user is doing a good deed, and the donations from the credit card users reward activities are tax deductible donations!

Did you know….

31% of Americans (60 million people) let their credit card rewards expire.  Thats 16 billion dollars every year!! This is called breakage, and credit card companies profit form this!  Why not use a credit card that you can earn 1% cash back as an automatic, tax deductible donation to any non profit of YOUR choice!

Contact us today to get started:  973-220-5801